TRANSFORMING DAIRY COOPS: A Visionaris Success Story


Bridging Gaps for Dairy Cooperatives
In the year 2023, Lebanon's dairy cooperatives faced a significant challenge. Despite their vital role in the agricultural landscape, they grappled with issues in management, marketing, and production that hindered their growth. The problem was clear: they needed a roadmap to navigate the complexities of their industry and set a course for a brighter future.


Visionaris' Comprehensive Gap Assessment
Visionaris, in partnership with RELIEF INTERNATIONAL and funded by the World Food Program, stepped up to the plate. We embarked on a journey of field visits and in-depth analysis. Our mission? To provide dairy cooperatives with a thorough gap assessment, scrutinizing both the technical and business aspects of their operations. We left no stone unturned, meticulously uncovering the areas where improvement was needed.


Illuminating the Path Forward
With our gap assessments in hand, we didn't just identify problems; we illuminated pathways to progress. Armed with insights into management, marketing, and production, we formulated growth strategies that were tailor-made for each cooperative. These strategies served as guiding lights, showing the way to a more prosperous and sustainable future for Lebanon's dairy industry.

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